Blogilates – Beginner 2.0

Today, I did my first PopPilates workout following Cassey Ho’s Beginner Calender 2.0. It was fun and quite intense. I felt my abs burning and my leg sore. I knew the calories burned was not much but the feeling of accomplishing something is heavenly.

Cassey Ho’s Blogilates’ Website – screenshot


I plan to stick with this plan and see my progress. Hopefully, I will not get bored. My current weight is 49.5 and my body fat is 23. I almost an overweight person since I’m quite short with 144 cm. I have no target just want to stay healthy.

I haven’t change my meal plan and like most Asian I love white rice. Precaution – don’t consume too much of that. My breakfast consists of black coffee with belvitabreakfast. Sometimes, I take a cup of low fat milk – it’s yummy. Honestly, I don’t change everything in one go because I’m afraid I will not be able to practise them in a long run. But for sure I increase my water intake and reduce soda – but I love love Tropicana twister. Sigh.

BelvitaBreakfast’s Website – Screenshot


I think that’s all for now and stay tune for more update on my fitness journey towards a healthy me.

Have a nice day!


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