Update: Blogilates for Beginners 2.0 + Max Capacity Training

Today was my third day doing Pop Pilates for beginners . I felt good doing them and I love it a lot. However,  I also realized that I can’t stick to one fitness program. I need something else to avoid boredom. If boredom strikes I become demotivated to exercise. So, I searched for free bodyweight workout online and found out about Max Capacity Training by Samy Peyret. I love what I found! It seems fun and easy to do. Easy in a sense that I know almost all the exercises included.

Max Capacity Training – website’s view

16 minute workouts –3 times a week for 12 weeks 

The best part is, it has a free mobile app that you can download and everything you need to workout is there. It includes all the exercises, timer, audio that tells you how many minutes left and what’s your next move is (I think there’s a term for this but because of my poor/lack of knowledge in the language, this is all I can do to explain) and your scores for each move that can be recorded at the end of your workout. It’s easy to use. I did the first workout today and I must say it is a tough workout (It depends on your fitness level but it’s a tough one for me) plus an excellent app. Hopefully, it remains so. It is a HIIT exercise and that’s why you need a day of rest in between.

Max Capacity free mobile app – screenshots

So, I’m actually combining these two workout programs – Blogilates for Beginners 2.0 + Max Capacity Training. I do blogilates on rest day but limited to one video only. I’m afraid my body will not stand doing so many things. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do this for a month.


So far, that’s my fitness progress. I apologize if I’m not explaining everything in a better way. I’m just hoping that you guys will not get confused :D.

Have a nice day!


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