New year, new resolutions. That’s what they say. But to be honest I never plan/write a new year resolution. Maybe, I’m scared that nothing will be accomplished. That’s why my daily life is quite a mess and boring. But, it isn’t a bad thing right? except people might think that I’m a lazy person. No! I have a career, relationships, etc… bla…bla…bla… taking care of all these doesn’t fit the term ‘lazy’. I’m quite a hardworking woman. However, this year I have resolutions – to be happy and healthier.

That’s being said, I’m putting up a new blog (in fact I edited the old one). I thought that with a platform to share everything that I love, I can check whether I’m on track or off-track. I also like to spend more time reading books with a cup of coffee. I’d like to improve my English plus adding more knowledge. Sharing books I’ve read is a good thing right? I also believed that I’ll learn more by writing more.

Putting up a blog is quite a difficult decision for me. That’s because people will read every post and then come all the responses. It’s something I can’t control. Even though, I can monitor each comment I still have to read each comment (Sorry, please allows me to fantasize that people will come by and comments on this blog of mine :D) By the way, I’m not a good writer, and I only write when my mood strikes. So, I hope you guys understand what’s being posted. My blog is not a diary. It’s more like sharing a.k.a a rambling space about things I love. Basically I’ll write about book, coffee, fitness and some random things.

Finally, welcome to my blog and hope you’ll find something relatable. Something inspiring or something to laugh at (especially my grammar etc.) Feel free to comment though I’ll be monitoring each comment. I have no space for negative vibes from others!

Enjoy and happy reading

Got a cup of coffee?